Fabric Binder Covers

I’ve participated in several exchanges/swaps over the internet, some for fiber postcards, some for skinny pages, some for technique pages.  And I like having the products of these exchanges close by for browsing through. I also like having them contained and protected, yet available.  Doesn’t that sound like two opposite sides of the same coin?

A while back when I made a three ring binder cover and used the Avery sheet protectors to fit inside and hold postcards, and I found a way to have both sides of that coin.

Binder-Covers-005both These are quick and simple.  Remembering covering your schoolbooks as a child (did I just age myself?)?   These are along the same principle.  They slip on and off and can be changed out to suit the seasons or your mood or the contents inside.

The lower one was my first one, and on that one I did turned facings which gave a smooth edge.  I also stitched down vellum paper, made a polymer face which I glued onto felt and a silk flower to frame.

Today I made the upper one.  I used a thread sculpture I had made a while ago that was waiting for the perfect project.  The cover today was quilted with an allover meander (done on my domestic, not the longarm), and I used the yarn edging I teach in my Alternative Edges class to finish it.


I have one more of these to make, as soon as I get to the office supply store and pick up another small 3 ring binder and some more sheet protectors to fit inside it.

Oh, and I need to get a coffee table with a glass top and a shelf under it so I can display these and not disturb my orchids!

Pictures finally!

Remember this quilt that I posted on the 17th?  The customer has received it now, so I am posting completed pictures today.

This quilt was large (94×115) and the fabrics are busy, which made the quilting difficult to see on the front side.  But there was a lot of opportunity for custom quilting, which the customer wanted.


The center quilting shows on the front best in the photographs:

Mattie-Ward-May-2009-003cenAnd it shows a little bit on the borders:

Mattie-Ward-May-2009-013And hardly at all on the corners:

Mattie-Ward-May-2009-004corBut the backside is where the quilting shows up wonderfully!  Without explanations of what is which section, here’s a sampling of the quilting on the backside of this quilt:






I’ve also done 2 pantograph quilts, and am now working on a batik star quilt which is full custom.  I’ll post pics of those after the customers receive them back.

And lest you think I’m not doing anything for me, I’ve started my Creativity Challenge 2010 quilt (thanks Ronda for the challenge!).  My challenge in this, I’m using strictly black and white and yellow!  Yes, I said YELLOW, bright, bold yellow!!!!  Not golden yellow, or pale butter cream yellow, but in your face, hello I’m yellow yellow!

I’ve also this last week  spent a lot of time with company……which is definitely recupe time for the spirit!  Nothing like great company to relax and unwind with!

And I’ve pulled out my easels and my paints, something I’m long overdue to get back to doing!

So, how was your week?

New Class!



Designed by Judy Whitehead


This is a three session class covering the basics of paper piecing and working in a monochromatic color scheme to create movement and depth.

Beginners welcomed!

First session to be held June 11, 2009 at Rene’s Quilt Shop in Mooresville, NC from 6-9 p.m.

Contact me if you’re interested in attending this class, or would like to bring this to your group.

If you are not in the area and would like to purchase this pattern, leave me a comment with a link to your e-mail!!!

And check back often, as I’ll be posting more upcoming new classes, including trapunto classes!