Quilting and dogs

Quilting and dogs, what do they have in common?  For me they are both a part of my every day existence, neither of which would I easily give up.

This week I spent what seemed like the better part of the week working on one custom quilt.  Unless a customer specifically requests that I quilt one quilt just like another, I try to do something a little bit different with each quilt.  To me that’s just what custom quilting is.

On this quilt I chose to go with a lobed, almost leafy feather design as it seemed to suit the fabric more than a formal feather would have.


mattie-finished-2I also learned a little more about turning rope borders on this quilt.  I don’t have it quite perfected yet (if there is such a thing as perfection?) but I’m at an acceptable comfort level with them now.


About the dogs, well I finally got a picture of my big boy.  He’s a little camera shy, and he absolutely hates baths, so getting good pictures of him is next to impossibly.

Meet Snowy, the biggest of the gang:

snowman-by-poolIf only he would allow me to bathe him frequently AND if ONLY he would have co-operated in housebreaking.  (he’s the only animal I’ve never been able to housebreak).  Silly boy, if only he would co-operate on those two levels he wouldn’t have to do this:

snowman-in-doorSilly dog, he’s also the only dog I’ve ever had that has shown absolutely NO interest in playing with toys.  None, nada, zip.  But now he loves scritches and he’ll shake your hand in a heartbeat!

5 thoughts on “Quilting and dogs

  1. The quilt turned out lovely!

    I had a camera shy dog, your Snowy story reminded me of some enjoyable moments while trying to take his photo.

  2. your rope certainly looks perfect from here! and your uncooperative dog? i had a husband like that once. 🙂

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