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Morning Walk

It’s that time of year again, I can take my coffee outside and walk around the property in the morning without having to bundle up.  (yes, even down here we get acclimatized and bundle up! lol).

This morning I took my coffee and camera and thought I’d take you along on my morning walk as spring is fully budding out with the promise of summer to come.


View from the studio window inspired the walk this morning
Had to check the tomatoes it was a bit cool last night and I didn't cover them!
I really need to get the lavendar in the ground soon. See DH's truck in the background? Yes, he's home!
The iris is thriving after last falls transplant. Wonder what color this will be?
I really don't know how this azalea survives up on the hill under the big oaks, but isn't it pretty?
All the wild roses are setting buds now!
Every year this bleeding heart makes a brief appearance before the summer heat beats it down.
Looks like the hydrangea survived it's transplant too!
Isn't the wild dogwood gorgeous in the spring?

Hope you enjoyed the walk with me.  I’m off now to get some more coffee and head to work!
Have a great day!!!!!

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