WIP and catch-up

April 21st!!! Where has the month gone? Oh, I know, in a flurry of pantograph orders, gardening, and the purchase of a new-to-me vehicle that doesn’t have a clutch to aggravate my knee.  One ton of mulch left to spread, one more garden area to weed (the biggest of course), a few more Liriope to plant, and I’ll be back to normal weekly maintenance on the yard!

But today I had the opportunty to work on a custom quilting job.  I thoroughly enjoy the custom work, always have.  It’s time/labor intensive (even with computer help), and yet so satisfying to my design harmony.

And great digitizers make it even easier for me to twist, turn, and put my own spin on quilting.

I thought I’d share a few pics with you of today’s progress:



Back to work now, this needs to be finished in the next couple days and I’m only at the beginning of it!

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