Socks 2nd pair

I’m really enjoying knitting socks.  Perfect sized project for warmer weather.  I finished my 2nd pair today.

socks-2nd-pairPanda Cotton from Crystal Palace Yarn.  It’s 59% bamboo, 25% cotton, 16% elastic.  Knits up really soft feeling.  I used a set of size 2 DP needles.

On this pair I used a moss stitch ribbing for the body of the sock.   I’ve learned socks have several parts.  The cuff, the body, the heel, the foot and the toe.  I’ve learned I don’t care for the band heel, but I love the origami toe.  And I truly must find a different way to finish socks off other than the Kitchener stitch…..truly I must!

Notice the different color pattern in the left sock to the right?  Not sure why that happened, but I think it’s interesting!  One more pair of variegated and maybe my knitting will be pretty enough again to do a pair of solid color socks!

2 thoughts on “Socks 2nd pair

  1. Oh those are pretty !! I haven’t knitted or crocheted for years .. cuz of the arthritis in my thumbs. I sat here pretending to knit to see what about it hurts my thumbs ,.. I think maybe just having them in the same position until they freeze. Don;t know. still have some needles (actually LOTS of needles), so just may try it again. Like I don’t have other things to do !!

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