Saturday play day!

First up, a pic for Sammi, a larger view of the black and white quilt:

I decided this morning to take some time to paint.  It’s been way too long.  First I wanted to finish the painting that has been on the easel staring at me.  It is now done (except for sealing and signing):

12 x 26 acrylic
12 x 26 acrylic

And a detail so you can see the full depth of color in this painting:


Next up is a mixed media piece.  Acrylic and paper on canvas:

11 x 14 mixed media
11 x 14 mixed media

And a detail:

detail acrylic and paper on canvas
detail acrylic and paper on canvas

Both of these pieces were hard to photograph.  Today is such a bright sunny day in the house that I was getting glare no matter where I took the pics from.  One day I’ll take a Photoshop editing class and learn how to reduce glare!

I hope you’re getting some time this weekend to play and refresh your creative self!

3 thoughts on “Saturday play day!

  1. Ooh Ahhh Oooooooooh Aaaaaaaaaaah !! It’s a good thing I don’t have to choose a favorite here.

    Thank you for the quilt picture. I am still fascinated by it.

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