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Black and White Quilt

Today I’m doing the final steps on this customer quilt, the SID.    SID (stitch in the ditch) is a slow process, but very worth the time invested.

This particular quilt is for my customer’s daughter’s wedding.  She wanted the piecing to shine, not necessarily the quilting; so I chose to use a fine thread (Superior’s Sew Fine #408) and to keep the same pattern in each block.

A few tips I’ve learned about SID along the way.  SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!  I can’t stress that enough.  When I stitch normally, my machine is usually set between 14% and 19% motor speed (using the computer — freehand I use the stitch regulator).  When I do SID, my machine motor is slowed down to 3% (yep THREE percent).  I also loosen the top tension until there is virtually no tension at all as I use a monopoly for SID.  Having finally learned the lesson of SLOW to SID, I can say my SID is much more accurate and I’m very pleased with it.

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