Black and White Quilt

Today I’m doing the final steps on this customer quilt, the SID.    SID (stitch in the ditch) is a slow process, but very worth the time invested.

This particular quilt is for my customer’s daughter’s wedding.  She wanted the piecing to shine, not necessarily the quilting; so I chose to use a fine thread (Superior’s Sew Fine #408) and to keep the same pattern in each block.






A few tips I’ve learned about SID along the way.  SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!  I can’t stress that enough.  When I stitch normally, my machine is usually set between 14% and 19% motor speed (using the computer — freehand I use the stitch regulator).  When I do SID, my machine motor is slowed down to 3% (yep THREE percent).  I also loosen the top tension until there is virtually no tension at all as I use a monopoly for SID.  Having finally learned the lesson of SLOW to SID, I can say my SID is much more accurate and I’m very pleased with it.

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  1. Thanks, the sashing design is called “Leaf Curl Border” and was designed by Helen Baczynski. It’s one of my favorites for sashing, especially for those fabrics that have curly-q’s on them!

  2. A very interesting quilt and beautiful quilting, Judy. Is Helen’s design a digital pattern?

  3. well darn …. here’s more ….. how big is this quilt? block size please? I am really fascinated with it. And I can’t remember the original question for this second post! I’ll tell ya … this old timer’s disease is irritating. But at least when I can’t find my glasses I remember I do have glasses!

  4. Wow this is a really beautiful design. I’m new to quilting and would love to know where I could find the pattern, would you believe I just bought b & w material today.

    1. Hi Karen! This sampler was made by one of my customers. It was a Saturday Sampler from the local quilt shop quite a while ago. I’m not sure there is a pattern to purchase, but you can get the same effect by making any sampler quilt using just black and white fabrics with one touch of color in each block!

      Welcome to the world of quilting, it’s a great place to be!!


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