I had almost forgotten……

I had almost forgotten how much I love freehand feathering.  Yes, I said love freehand feathering, it is one of my calming passions.  I find when I start freehand feathering I go into an almost trance state......very meditative. Tomorrow I will pull out my wood flute cd's.....and a few others.....and I will quilt a feather … Continue reading I had almost forgotten……


Preview is up for COLLAGE MANIA 2009!!!!! My two pieces, in honor of the memory of my father and my mother-in-law are on  page 11 There is some beautiful art up for auction.  All (100%) proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Bidding starts May 5th, so make your list early!!!!!!!

Sometimes it’s the simple things!

Sometimes it's the simple things that bring great pleasure. Like having the door open to hear the birds sing and feel the breeze: Or finding a ladybug in the pansies: The cheerfulness in a pansy flower: Or the velvety look of dew on a petunia: I hope you find a few minutes today to enjoy … Continue reading Sometimes it’s the simple things!

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