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Rainy Still

Another rainy day here, the 4th in a row.  I have no quilting pics to show, I’ve been in as much of a slump as the weather.  Maybe tomorrow.

But there have been some bright spots, DH and I revamped (mostly he) the Gammill so I can sit to quilt constantly now.  (thanks hon, my leg and hip appreciate it!)

And the trees have been blooming:

Ornamental Cherry
Cherry detail
Neighbor's Magnolia
Redbud peeking through Birch tree

We’re supposed to have a doozy of a storm come through later today, with strong winds, thunder, lightning, and the potential for hail or tornados.  I’ll be staying inside the rest of the day and looking forward to the return of sunshine, hopefully tomorrow.  I am so NOT a rainy weather person!

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