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Over the weekend I did a bit of  “this and that”.  A bit of this, a dash of that, many little things, some of which seemed major at the time.   DH was home so we worked a lot in the yard doing spring cleanup, here’s a pic of the cherry tree just before dusk one night.

And one night, after working in the yard, we treated ourselves to dinner out.  He gave me options, Statesville or Mooresville, I chose Statesville.  Why?  Because the bookstore in this county is in Statesville!!  And I don’t get there often.  But that night I found a new book I just love:

socks-al-a-carte1What’s so special about this knitting book?  It’s got split pages with multiple patterns.  The top of the pages are pictures of cuff variations, the center of the pages are body variations and the bottom of the pages are heel and toes!!!  And each variation shown has the pattern in the book. What you do is pick the cuff, body, heel and toe you want, band the pages open (the book has a band but it doesn’t stay well so I’m using a rubber band.  Then you work the pattern for that section from the front pages.   Unlimited (well almost) possibilities for socks!

And my first pair from this new book:

socks-from-al-a-cartThese are going to be like the last pair (the beige ones), a bit loose, but good for comfort.  I did have to order another set of needles last night, I needed a set of size 1 DPs to get the guage that I truly want.  I never thought I’d be knitting on size 1 or 2’s!!!!  When we lived in Canada, I was a bulky yarn girl!  Mum W owned size 1 and 2 needles, but not me!  LOL

Now, just in case you think I’ve not been quilting much, I have.  The last two quilts were full customs (one queen, one king), and I have three more customs booked up next, so pictures will be slow in coming as custom takes so much more time than overalls.  But here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve been working on this week:

kathys-quilt-full-custom-stkathys-quilt-full-custom-trkathys-quilt-full-custom-inAs you can see, I’ve got more to do yet, so I best get myself into the studio and to work this morning!

Have a great day!!!!!

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  1. Had to come back and look at socks again. I’m getting the fever to learn to knit those darn things, looks like fun. Quilting is wonderful wonderful wonderfully beatiful.

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