Spring Skinny Pages

And just what are “Spring Skinny Pages” you ask?    Spring Skinny Pages are 4×7 pages done on a paper heavyweight stock with the theme of Spring and traded in one of my art groups.

Deadline for receipt of the pages in California is the 30th of the month, and I got mine in the mail today (priority!).  As I was in the third group of the exchange, I only had to make a dozen of these, much less than the usual 26 pages swapped.  I’m really looking forward to receiving the swap back and seeing them.

Here’s a sample of what my pages look like:

spring-skinny-pages-2009The inspiration for these  were the spring peepers I used to hear as a child.  When the weather was finally warm enough to open the windows at night (still love an open window, fresh air, spring sounds).  On the back is one of my favorite poems.  To be revealed when the recipients receive their pages!

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