Yep, SOCKS!!!! Truly, I have socks!  I now fully understand the passion for knitted socks!  Until I finished the second one and put these on, I didn’t even realize my toes were cold!   Now I don’t want to take them off!


After asking for advice on making socks to fit two different sizes (one with the support brace and one without), I decided to make my first pair the same on both socks.  I didn’t change either the needles, nor the number of stitches, and pleasantly have found that the stretch in the pattern still allows for fit.  And I don’t have to keep track of which is which!

This pair is made from Patons Stretch Sock yarn, on a size 3 needle.  I have enough left of my 2 skeins to make one more sock…….or save for some other fiber work.

Next up is this yarn:

panda-cotton-by-crystal-palPanda Cotton by Crystal Palace Yarns.  It’s a wonderfully soft yarn, 59% Bamboo, 25% Cotton, 16% Elastic.  I think I’ll take my needle down one size as well and use size 2 needles next time.

Of course, as I knit slowly, it may be a while before you see these finished!

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