It was fun while it lasted!

And what was fun while it lasted?

Working in the studio with the door open!   With the temps in the 70’s the last few days, and plenty of sunshine I was able to open the studio door and enjoy the sounds of the birds and the breeze while I was working.

Until late this afternoon…..when I looked up and saw a black wasp flying around in the doorway.  After stifling a scream, and waiting cowering till it went away, I promptly closed the door.

Now I’m off to make sure I have a benadryl stick and bendaryl tablets handy and to keep the door closed for the remainder of the season.

But it was fun while it lasted!

3 thoughts on “It was fun while it lasted!

  1. My thoughts exactly – you need a screen door!! I’d say it is a high priority for artistic harmony. We found an inexpensive wooden one at Home Depot that we used for quite a few years before we finally got a really nice metal storm/screen door combo to replace it.

  2. Some friends and I visited another friend who lived in a log cabin high in up the mountains. She used to leave her door open and hummingbirds would fly in and out of her house. One night when we were leaving a very surprised porcupine was standing about 3 feet away form the door in full defensive posture. Needless to say we waited until it waddled off into the forest;) Ah.. the wonders of nature!

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