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As I was fixing a cup of tea today (Twinings Herbal Revive Cherries and Madagascan cinnamon…mmmm!), I got out the teacup that has become a “creature comfort” in my house.

Over 18 years ago my mother gave me this teacup/saucer as my 30th birthday present.

30th Birthday Teacup
30th Birthday Teacup

Little did I know at the time that it would become one of those few things that are “comforts”.  I don’t use it all the time, but tea does taste different when I take the time to use it.

That got me to thinking what other “creature comfort” items do I cherish.  And I thought I’d share a couple with you.  First up, my grandmother’s quilt, passed on to me from my mother.

Hand Quilted Treasure
Hand Quilted Treasure

This quilt is hand quilted, and so soft.  It’s been repaired a few years ago, and needs more repair work, but I treasure it beyond measure.

Another item (or set) used more frequently, but just as cherished, are my late MIL’s coffee cups.  Sometime after we moved south, and mum stayed in Canada, she acquired these cups.  Every time we came for a visit, while my husband used a “Timmy Horton’s” mug for his coffee, mum and I would use these.  And I still use them regularly.

Mum's Coffee Cups

As I think about these items, I find myself amazed.  I don’t think of myself as a “girly girl”….years of trucking have changed that self-image.  And yet, these soft, delicate, definitely girly items are among my most treasured and used when I look for comfort.

What items do you reach for when you need a touch of family comfort?

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  1. I have a quilt that is very ugly, worn and well loved from my grandparents. It is my number one comfort thing. I love the cups!! And you know… things don’t define you… and the objects haven’t defined your feelings about them as much as your memories surrounding them. That speaks volumes about you. But we already knew you were good 😉

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