March comes in like a lion

I remember that saying from childhood.   “March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.”   I wonder where that saying originated.  We had another one back home we used a lot, “Beware the Ides of March”…..because we usually got a major snowstorm the middle of March.

But that was back home, up north, in snow country!!!!!  This morning as I walked gingerly stepped outside the door, I was reminded of being back home.






Now all that doesn’t look too bad, right?   No reason really to consider myself “snowed in” and to stay home today.  But what you can’t see is underneath, on the ground, we had a full day plus of rain before this came, and then the temps dropped last night.   Which makes for a coating of ice under the snow.


The damage count from what I can see is just part of my large crepe myrtle.  Somehow everything else bent under the weight but didn’t break.  My Silver King Maple is bent almost down to the ground on one section of it, but it’s not broken. I’m absolutely amazed that the Maple didn’t break as it is loaded with buds!

All in all, a good day to stay inside and do some quilting!

5 thoughts on “March comes in like a lion

  1. i grew up with the march lion/lamb saying too! beautiful pix. hope your damage is minimal.

  2. We lost a big branch of our Crepe Myrtle in the front too…and some small pines and branches in the back yard….sure is beautiful though!

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