It really was easy!

After months of struggling with my old printer, and months of worry about whether or not I could hook a new printer up to the network, I finally broke down a week ago and ordered a new printer.

I didn’t want to, but I had no choice.  The printer is not in the studio, it’s in my husband’s office.  And it would not print unless you fed it one sheet of paper at a time.  So every time I needed to print from the studio I had to send it to the printer, run over to the printer, and feed the paper in one by one.  Not very productive.

And not being one to easily change electronics (hey the newer it is the more confusing it can get!), I procrastinated, and did my research, and procrastinated a bit more.

Finally biting the bullet and buying this printer:

lexmar-4550-printerThe Lexmark 4550.  Why this one?  Because the price was in my range, and the reviews ALL said it was really easy to hook up to your wireless network.

So I waited while it was shipped, all the while wondering if I’ve gotten myself  in over my head.  Will I have to call my computer guy out to hook this up?  What have I done?

The printer came today and IT REALLY WAS EASY! Put in the installation CD, follow the screens, temporarily hook one cable to the computer and WA-LA!!!!!  It’s done!!!!   It’s hooked up!!!!  TO BOTH COMPUTERS!!!!!

I’m so proud of me!!!!  LOL    I’m off now to print out all those things I’ve been putting off for the last while!!!!!!

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