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Wednesday update

Wednesday, middle of the week, and we had sunshine today.  I got out for a couple minutes this afternoon and snapped some pics.

The daffodils are in bloom:

And a close-up:

The lilies are sprouting!   (note to self…..start weeding!)

But before you think too badly of me for posting all this green stuff,  here’s a sign I’ll soon have to think about mowing:

First mow of the season is always to cut down the wild onions and chop up the remaining leaves.

And I am working, but the backing is just a little large for my longarm table:

Yes, this leaves me no room to park the machine off the quilt.  So what I do is take a piece of aluminum foil, fold it until it’s 4x thick, curl up the edges, put a piece of batting inside it and lay it under the needle bar when I leave at night.  That way, just in case there is some drip, it doesn’t get on the customer quilt.

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