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A great mail day!

Wow, yesterday was a great mail day!!!!!!  My mailbox was full of fun, thoughtful, and terriffic surprises.

I received a card from a dear friend of mine who lives up north.  The imagery on the card is wonderful…..and her note inside is even more precious to me.

I received a package of seeds from Karen!!!  Thanks Karen…..they’re so pretty even before I plant them!  Looking forward to lots of monarchs this year!

And I received my “Winter Skinny Swap” pages from one of my art groups.  We did an exchange of 4″x7″ pages depicting the theme of winter.  This was my first participation in a “paper” based swap and I truly enjoyed it.  I’m looking forward to the next swap even more now!

Here’s a picture of what all my pages look like laid out on the carpet…..

I’ll be taking time to go through them one by one when I sit for quiet time (as I did yesterday when I got them).   I need to make a fabric covered binder for them like I have my fiber art postcards in.  Hmmm, maybe one with a winter theme?

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