Well, it’s kind of like a sock!

My first attempt at making a sock.  I made mistakes, and that’s okay.  I got my gauge wrong, so it’s way too big…that’s okay, I’m calling it a slipper sock!  Yep, that’s my story.

sock-first-one-finished I actually enjoyed this and am looking forward to knitting it’s mate, wrong gauge and all!

And then I’ll start again with the proper thickness of yarn, and the proper size needles….I might even do a gauge test swatch first……….maybe……….

5 thoughts on “Well, it’s kind of like a sock!

  1. test swatch! horrors! LOL

    i try to remember that i didn’t start quilting beautiful feathers the first time i touched a machine, so i shouldn’t expect perfection the first time i try a new craft, either…

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