Mixed Signals

Mother Nature is sending out mixed signals these days.  In the last week, I’ve seen a Mockingbird come into the suet feeder that hangs in the kitchen window.  Something I’ve never seen before, so I’m thinking he’s getting desparate for food and coming awfully close to the house.

Today, as I stood in the kitchen shivering, and the weatherman was saying we were running about 15 degrees below normal for this time of the year, I looked out to the bird bath.

And saw a ROBIN!  Yep, robin, that harbinger of spring!!!!

As I stood there shivering from the cold…………

Perhaps the return of the birds has less to do with the temperature fluctuations and more to do with the length of daylight?

Or perhaps Mother Nature just doesn’t want me to truly believe spring is on it’s way?

3 thoughts on “Mixed Signals

  1. As I understand it, it does have more to do with the lengthening daylight hours, not as much with the temperatures.

    I have alot of birds coming to my feeder all winter. A few weeks ago, I saw a blue jay for the first time ever. And I have also noticed that the male cardinals are getting redder and the male goldfinches bright gold color is starting to return too. And they are all flitting around the females and showing off.

    Spring really is coming!!

  2. Hmmm we have robins year round…. but the gold finches have started turning gold from brown… so I take that as a good sign spring is coming!!

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