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Knitting socks!

My feet are always cold these days.   And I am having a hard time finding socks that will fit both feet due to an ankle support I’m wearing.  So, I decided that other people knit socks, why not me?

First thing I learned….sock yarn usually contains wool…..I am allergic to wool….not as drastically as I used to be but enough I don’t want to either knit or wear it!  So after some research I found a microfiber yarn that was really soft and I thought might work.

Second thing I learned, not all patterns are created equal.  (oh wait, I already knew that!).

But last night, while taking a night off work, I sat down in front of the tv and started my first ever sock.  I’ve been knitting off and on since I was a young adult, but this is my first ever sock.  So, I’m going to share with you my progress (or lack of) on my first ever sock!

Step one, getting started:

step two, working the heel flap  (new term for me!):

step three, and where I am leaving it at to get back to work today, starting the instep:

I’m thinking if I can complete this in three nights knitting it does two things…it forces me to sit and get off my ankle in the evenings….a good thing; and it will give me some cool socks to wear.   And a bonus, as I can’t seem to just SIT and do nothing, I won’t have a quilt that I’m turning binding on in my lap this summer when it does one day get hot here  I’ll have a small sock project instead.  And my feet really hope it warms up soon!!!

I do hope this publishes, wordpress seems to be hanging up on my computer and giving me blank preview pages the last couple days.

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