Must be 9pm.

And how do I know that?  Well, I have this little “helper”……every day at 4 pm he comes to tell me it’s time to feed the outside dog……

And if I’m still in the studio sewing at 9pm….this is where he comes to:

chachca-helping1 He never touches the foot pedal, but he makes it extremely difficult for me to sit up to the sewing machine any longer.

Yep, an external alarm clock…….must be 9pm!

3 thoughts on “Must be 9pm.

  1. Aww…what a cutie! I have three large alarm clocks below me. Every morning when my landlord lets his 3 large dogs out, it’s time to get up, lol! The Newfoundland, Murphy, is 13 years old, losing his sight and a bit senile. He just barks and barks, sometimes at absolutely nothing! He’s black with green eyes and looks intimidating, but he’s really just a big lug.

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