Knitted Scarf

One of the many things I do is to knit.  Not often, and not as much as I did when I lived in Canada, but I still do knit on occasion.  While I was in Knit One Stitch Too a while back, I found this wonderful yarn.  Lightweight, shimmery, soft in the skein, and I fell in love.  Unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of the yarn…..I think I need to start a small notebook with yarn samples, and the brand names…but I digress.

So, I bought the yarn (and others too) and while I was browsing saw a scarf done with a “drop stitch” pattern.  I came home, cast on what looked like a reasonable amount for a scarf and started knitting.  Varying knit rows with drop stitch rows in a random pattern.

Last night I finished the scarf (which I have not yet blocked) and I just love it!


And a close-up of the stitches:

scarf-detail-knitted-drop-s Now to continue on the green sweater I started years ago that I work on periodically (between scarves!).

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