Sunday Painting

Sundays in my house are reserved for creativity and artistic endeavors and regrouping.  No “should do” things, no working on class samples, or lectures, or customer orders.  No bookwork, or paperwork…..just creative things.  Being self-employed, from home, I had to enforce a “day off” policy when I found myself working 7 days a week, week after week after week and feeling burnt out.

Some Sundays it’s gardening, when the weather co-operates, some Sundays it’s painting, or drawing or knitting or re-arranging furniture……not one of the many things I “need” to paint or draw, but something just for me…..just because.

Yesterday was Sunday, and I painted……just for me…….just because…..

I used to drive tractor-trailer with my husband…..and I have lots of photo’s due to that time.  Most I took, as he drove, with a wonderful 35mm camera that took great action shots.  Some I took when we stopped at rest areas and truck stops. (I never took pictures and drove at the same time!)  There are days I miss using that camera.  Unlike my digital, I was always assured a good quality picture from it; never grainy, always clear.

This painting is based on a photo I took while driving  (or riding while DH drove) out in the Utah –  Colorado area  (or so the album says, it was a long time ago!). feb-8th-painting-desert1

2 thoughts on “Sunday Painting

  1. LOL I’m glad you pulled over to shoot a picture 😉 The painting is beautiful!!! And I’m thankful you did take the pictures and you have the wonderful memories of being on the road.

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