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Recycle — Catch word or way of life?

This morning as I was walking with my coffee, I noticed a few things in the back yard.

First the chives are sprouting:

And the parsley wintered over and is starting to sprout as well:

And the side of the picnic table which sat on the north end of the house in the shade one summer has finally rotted to unsafe for sitting:

But I was born and raised in the country, in what I now realize was a very low income level, in a time before “recycle” became a catch phrase.  So my first thought was, what can I do with the picnic table….most of it is still good.

I decided to repurpose it as a planter stand.  Taking off the rotted bench, and positioning it by the fence line in a way the dogs can’t jump the fence with it, it’s become my new garden area.  And the bonus is a garden area I don’t have to bend my back to reach!

Notice the collection of planters?  As I was digging through the sheds finding old planters and bent or leaking buckets to use for planters this year, it dawned on me,  I was “recycling” or “re-purposing” these items.   Hmmm…..really?  To me I was just doing what I was raised to do…..use what you have available.

That got me to thinking about other things I have “re-purposed over the years and I quickly snapped two pics:

The old milk jug that is now a bird seed container.  Plastic bag to hold the bird feed inside it and keep the seed from condensation and it’s perfect to keep the squirrels away from the seeds until I put them out.  (I have another one in the house I polished and use for dog food!)

Wheelbarrow which became a small garden for those plants with vining roots that I don’t want taking over the garden.  This year I’ll plant mint in it, and I have another one that is almost too weak to use to haul stuff that will become another garden when it’s replaced.

So, my question to you, is “recycle” a catch word in your life?   Or is it a way of life?  And how do you recycle?

Just pondering this sunny morning as I walk with my coffee………….

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