It really was easy!

After months of struggling with my old printer, and months of worry about whether or not I could hook a new printer up to the network, I finally broke down a week ago and ordered a new printer. I didn't want to, but I had no choice.  The printer is not in the studio, it's … Continue reading It really was easy!

Wednesday update

Wednesday, middle of the week, and we had sunshine today.  I got out for a couple minutes this afternoon and snapped some pics. The daffodils are in bloom: And a close-up: The lilies are sprouting!   (note to self.....start weeding!) But before you think too badly of me for posting all this green stuff,  here's a … Continue reading Wednesday update

A great mail day!

Wow, yesterday was a great mail day!!!!!!  My mailbox was full of fun, thoughtful, and terriffic surprises. I received a card from a dear friend of mine who lives up north.  The imagery on the card is wonderful.....and her note inside is even more precious to me. I received a package of seeds from Karen!!!  … Continue reading A great mail day!

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