A great day!

Good morning!   What a beautiful day it is today!  Seriously, it is!!  I woke up this morning pain-free!  And from what?  Well, last Friday, just 2 hours after my chiropractor closed for the weekend, I turned to go after the dogs and my ankle popped, my KNEE popped (I really dislike hearing that sound, last time I heard it was as I was falling off a ladder and I tore the meniscus) and I had instant pain.   My first thought….uh-oh….why couldn’t that happen BEFORE the chiro closed?!?!   Yesterday I was able to go to the chiro and he put everything back in place and I slept pain free last night for the first night since it happened!  He said I had moved the Tibia, but not the Fibula, hence the pain this time……lol …..yep, I had to google an image to understand that one too!



And what did I wake up to this morning?   SNOW!  Yep, here!  Although it is hardly “here” at all.  But, farther south of me, in the Charlotte area, they got hit pretty good.  Monroe, NC on the news this morning showed they got around 5″ of snow.  The farther north and west of Charlotte you are, the less you got, the farther south and east, the more.  I live almost directly north of Charlotte, so what we really got would, back home be called a skiff, not enough really enough for a proper dusting.
BUT we got SNOW ON THE DAFFODILS!  LOL   Growing up in the north, we called it a long winter when there was snow on the daffodils……hmmm….wonder if the same applies down here?

Some of my favorite pictures from stepping out the door this morning:

snow-on-the-daffodils SNOW ON THE DAFFODILS

stair-tread-snow TEXTURE ON THE STAIR


On the artistic/quilting front, I have been fully engaged in thread painting and quilting the sunflower piece.  Perhaps today I’ll be able to face it while the longarm is running a panto on a customer quilt.

Here’s a sneak peak:


Wherever you are today, take time out to watch the inauguration.  This historic day, this historic event are not to be missed.  No matter your politics, change has finally come.  Change can be difficult and trying at times, but also hopeful and inspiring.  My wish today is for each and everyone of you to experience only the best of changes to come.


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