He doesn’t have a chance!

We have squirrels on our property.  And one in particular has decided he wants to feed at the bird feeders.  Small problem wth that…..the feeders are right outside the kitchen…..across the deck……maybe 20′ on the diagonal from the doggie door.   That way when I look out the kitchen window I see this:

out-the-kitchen-window (click to enlarge)

And I have five dogs………one of which is Baci.


Now Baci was a rescue and the vet believes he is a mix of Italian Greyhound (the little ones) and Rat Terrier.   And when the squirrel appears, his Rat Terrier side takes over…..

Now, if the squirrel thought for more than a second, he’d realize he’s up high enough that little  Baci can’t get him and he’s well within an easy jump to the fence where there’s a board top and Baci again can’t get him.

But until then, Baci is getting his exercise, the squirrel is getting some birdseed and I’m getting a good chuckle at the two of them today.  Oh and don’t feel too bad for the squirrel, he will come back tonight, after dusk, and clean out the entire feeder….or whatever the birds have left him!

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