Making Progress

I’m making progress on several fronts this week. My current customer quilt on the longarm is 2/3 of the way done and I’m liking it so I’m sure A. will like it too.

DH just left for his first trip since before Christmas, so now he’s back to work, at least for the next three days. But I’m calling that making progress as well.

And the sunflower piece is coming along nicely. The threadpainting is slow, but oh so worth it for the final effect. This pic shows before and after in one pic:

Although I am using a stabilizer, you can see I’m getting some puckering.  But I’m not too concerned, I think a combination of steam and the batting I’m going to use (QD Wool) will both help control the puckering and give an added dimension to the piece.

Off to work now…………hope you’re making progress as well!

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