Disappointing results

It is rare that I will post about a product that I am disappointed with.  I usually allow for user error (me), or the possibly single time defective package.  Today I am having to post, and to vent my frustration a little bit.

I need labels done, quick labels, labels I can fuse onto the back of sample quilts that give basic information.  So I pulled out a package of Milliken Printed Treasures paper to print the labels on. My intention was to print the labels, pull the backing paper, adhere to fusible and then iron the fusible labels to the samples.  A ten, maybe 15 minute job!

This is the 2nd of 3 packages of Printed Treasuers paper that I purchased, and I should have known better.  After printing through my inkjet printer, and trying to remove the backing paper, I am left with this mess:


I don’t know if you can see or not, but I still don’t have all the paper removed from the back of the fabric!  And I’ve spent over a half hour now picking off bits of paper.  And this has happened EVERY time I have used this brand of printable fabric sheets!

In the meantime, I took my last sheet of Bubble Jet Set pretreated muslin that I had adhered to Jenkins Freezer Paper, MONTHS AGO, and stored in a plastic bag and ran it through the same printer.  The results when I went to remove that backing paper:

Needless to say, I will NOT be using the third package of the Printed Treasures, and I will be pretreating more muslin with Bubble Jet Set and Jenkins Freezer Paper.

Back to pulling shredding paper now.

3 thoughts on “Disappointing results

  1. I always use the BJS treated fabric on the jenkin’s freezer paper. Works like a dream every time! I make up about 30 at a time and they usually last a few years. I’ve never had one fail.

  2. WOW, I’ve never had that happen, although I prefer the EQ Printables Fabric Sheets. Are you pulling the paper off before you rinse them?

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