Un-named FFFC Challenge #28

As a member of FFFC (Fast Friday Fabric Challenge), once a month we are given a challenge, with a deadline of one week to complete an art quilt following the challenge guidelines.

This month our challenge was two-fold.  To capture a mood or emotion, and to use color as a zinger.

I immediately thought of the cardinal sitting in the Rose of Sharon bush outside the studio door.  It was  a gray, dreary, day, and that cardinal brought a much needed relief of color, and yet seemed both lonely and content at the same time.

Without referring back to the picture I had taken that morning, I set out to recreate the scene as I felt it.  This is my piece, as yet un-named:


This piece, the 4th in a series based on trees, is 13″ square, fusible, painted details, free-hand drawn cardinal, beading for the eye, yarn edged.  I will be painting a 12″ square canvas to blend to this piece and then mounting it as a “hidden” canvas.  That gives  (in my eyes) a presence to the piece when it’s hung on the wall, but doesn’t distract from the fiber of the piece.

Detail of the cardinal:


I look forward to the January challenge, to come out the 4th Friday of the month.  And possibly by then I may have named this piece?!?

4 thoughts on “Un-named FFFC Challenge #28

  1. I love this!! I think of things like Serenity or Faith when I see it…. I don’t know why… you know I’m eccentric… right?! 😉

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