A little bit of cheer

Thought I'd share a little bit of colorful cheeriness today. At this time of the year, when the days are short, and the nights long, I am finding myself drawn more and more to bright, cheerful colors. Thoughts of springtime start to fill my head, sunshine and flowers, warm days....all good thoughts. And in that … Continue reading A little bit of cheer


Friends are a blessing we are privileged to enjoy in our life.  I have, over the years been blessed with some very special friends.   And although some have gone, others have come into my life.  Some live close by and I see regularly, some live a distance away and our times together are cherished, and … Continue reading Friends

In the Nick of Time!

DONE!   And in the nick of time.  I finished these bags around 11pm on Monday night.   For our FAB holiday lunch meeting, on Tuesday!!!! Each bag is embroidered lace front and back, from this panel: Each bag is tied with one of my hand-dyed ribbons, and has a skein of Caron Wildflowers embellishment yarn in … Continue reading In the Nick of Time!

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