testing image sizes

For Christmas this year I received the Wacom tablet I’ve been wanting, and it came bundled with Photoshop Elements programming.   As I’ve been using PhotoImpact for over 2 years, Photoshops Elements is a brand new world to me.  And with the help of Gloria Hansen’s new book “Digital Essentials”, I”m working my way into the program.

Today I’m testing different image sizes and upload times.  please tell me how, and if this works for time, whether you have high speed or dial up, and whether you can click on the images for full view.

baci Baci (aka squirrel)

brandi Brandi (aka princess)

little-bear Little Bear (aka Mr. Little Bear!)

chacha Cha-cha (aka Old Man)

7 thoughts on “testing image sizes

  1. Judy, The sizes were good and I could click for a larger image that opened very fast…I have a high speed broadband connection.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Judy, the sizes were fine for me. Little Bear seemed to load the fastest, but all less than 1 second. I, too have high speed digital connection.

  3. They work for me at a broadband dsl connect. And I think that little bear is just the cutest one…. don’t tell the others I said that LOL

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