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Rainy night

It’s the 10th and all my customer Christmas orders are delivered!  So today I went shopping, and while I was out I stopped at the yarn shop.  I love to walk through there and see all the textures and colors.  One yarn in particular caught my attention, made by Berroco, it’s called Quest and it’s absolutely gorgeous!  I had to buy a skein!

And since it’s rainy here tonight, and I didn’t take my umbrella today, AND it started raining while I was out without said umbrella or a raincoat, and since I got wet twice…….lol……well, I decided to sit and watch tv and play with the new yarn tonight!
Gee, wasn’t that a long, roundabout way to say I took the night completely off!

And what have I done tonight with my night off?  Well, after several false starts to determine needle size and number of stitches, I finally got started on a new scarf.

There is no pattern for this, I was told how to get this long stitch look at the shop and came home to play.  I think I’m going to like this!   It’s bright (the color doesn’t do it justice, it’s a coppery red) and it’s lacey and fuzzy at the same time.

Now I think I’ll go paint some canvases so I can mount a few art quilts that have been waiting patiently…….

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