Rainy night

It’s the 10th and all my customer Christmas orders are delivered!  So today I went shopping, and while I was out I stopped at the yarn shop.  I love to walk through there and see all the textures and colors.  One yarn in particular caught my attention, made by Berroco, it’s called Quest and it’s absolutely gorgeous!  I had to buy a skein!

And since it’s rainy here tonight, and I didn’t take my umbrella today, AND it started raining while I was out without said umbrella or a raincoat, and since I got wet twice…….lol……well, I decided to sit and watch tv and play with the new yarn tonight!
Gee, wasn’t that a long, roundabout way to say I took the night completely off!

And what have I done tonight with my night off?  Well, after several false starts to determine needle size and number of stitches, I finally got started on a new scarf.


There is no pattern for this, I was told how to get this long stitch look at the shop and came home to play.  I think I’m going to like this!   It’s bright (the color doesn’t do it justice, it’s a coppery red) and it’s lacey and fuzzy at the same time.

Now I think I’ll go paint some canvases so I can mount a few art quilts that have been waiting patiently…….

4 thoughts on “Rainy night

  1. Congrats on finishing all of your customer work! All day today I wore my raincoat every time I went outside except when I went into a restaurant for dinner. Guess when the rain started?

  2. Ooh …. gorgeous! And it looks deliciously soft. Enjoy every minute you knit and then every minute you get to wear it … with pride!!

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