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In the last week I’ve:

Quilted several customer quilts (no pics, all are Christmas quilts).

Uploaded my etsy shop with scarves for sale like this one:

I’ve discovered lace work on the embroidery machine:

I’ve pieced several quilt tops to showcase my quilting using applique blocks I purchased from ebay:

I”ve worked on my Winter Skinny Pages swap pages:

(just a sneak peak of a corner of this till they’re swapped)

I made a beaded hanger for the tumbling block my Secret Stitcher sent me:

I decided it was selfish to hold onto the bags of clothing I can no longer wear (who knew I had this much stored?)  They are now loaded into the pickup to take to the local Goodwill on  Tuesday before I meet a dear friend for lunch:

And in the process I wore Brandi out:

Now, in the interest of full-disclosure, not as much of this would have happened, if I didn’t have the world’s best chiropractor!

So, what did you do last week?

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