November garden color and a guessing game

I looked out the bathroom window today and was surprised to see a white rose….in November, blooming in the garden. Which caused me to take a walk late this afternoon and see what other fall flowers were in the gardens.

Thought I’d share what I found with you:






I’ve also done a bit of quilting today. I’m using the IQ to set in the motifs and then doing the background freehand.


Isn’t that a strange shaped piece? Feel free to guess what I’m working on………

And later this week I’ll show the finished project….when I get it finished!!!!!

7 thoughts on “November garden color and a guessing game

  1. All your flowers sure look pretty! We still have lots of roses here, and hot red burning bushes and camillias too. Fall flowers are one of the best reasons to live in the south!!

    Your IQ sure is working great for you… that flower spray is wonderful! Can’t wait to see the finished product – whatever it is!!??!!

  2. oh so many pretties! im gonna guess that the project is a scissors fob. or a thingy for carrying a bundle of wood. or a purse of some sort. or you can roll it up sorta to make a giant ice cream cone.

    i dont know what it is, but i bet you make it into some fabulous, useful item. so hurry up and finish so i dont have to make dumb guesses anymore!

    is that one of your own designs on it?

  3. Gayle, you’re close with one of your guesses. I’m painting the motifs now and then I’ll put it all together and post pics.

    The motif design isn’t mine, nor is the pattern. The only things that are mine are the hand-dyed fabrics and the tiny little leaf meander. lol

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