painting in progress

It’s been way too long since I picked up my paintbrushes. Tonight I had to paint for a bit, I could no longer ignore the desire to paint. And since it’s a Saturday night, everyone deserves a Saturday night off,right?

I’m making progress on this piece. Slow progress, but progress. Of course if I’d listen to that little voice that says “I want to paint” more often, I’d probably make much quicker progress.

The base of the trees are in now, and a hint of snow has been added. A few more details, a final decision on the foreground, and this one will be done.

24×36 acrylic

8 thoughts on “painting in progress

  1. Gorgeous work! I think that when we listen to that little voice more often, work in general goes much smoother. It feeds that part of us that we need to work at all.

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