It’s a BAG!

I've finished the project on my previous post. I asked readers to guess what the project was, and KK guessed right. IT'S A BAG! I saw this bag in person the other day and fell in love with it's size (perfect for my sketchbook), and the interior pockets in it. I was especially intrigued by … Continue reading It’s a BAG!

November garden color and a guessing game

I looked out the bathroom window today and was surprised to see a white November, blooming in the garden. Which caused me to take a walk late this afternoon and see what other fall flowers were in the gardens. Thought I'd share what I found with you: I've also done a bit of quilting … Continue reading November garden color and a guessing game

Working Quickly

Let's try this again, and hopefully it will publish this time? Usually when I'm painting, I am a slow, deliberate, controlled painter. Every brush stroke is contemplated before it's taken, and it can take me several sessions to do one painting. Tonight I decided I needed to push myself a bit to work quickly. My … Continue reading Working Quickly

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