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Another week gone in a flash!

WOW, another week has gone by in a flash! This one was a great week, full and busy. I started the week off with the delivery of my IQ (Intelliquilter) system for my Gammill. After several months of debate, the decision was made a while ago that computerized quilting was going to be a necessary part of my longarm business. And the system is working as good and easy as I expected it to. I spent a lot of time this week on quilting and learning the menu’s. Yesterday I even started doing custom on a quilt (one of mine) with the system.

And I finished a small art piece. This piece is dedicated to my paternal grandmother.

Grandma (who always signed herself as grandmother) has probably had the biggest influence on who I became as anyone in the family. She was an artist, she painted, she baked, she loved to read and she passed too soon, when I was just a teenager. Her piano was priceless to me as a child and an adult. I have one of her paintings and her sketchbooks, and treasure them dearly. This piece has a photo transfer of her just before she passed on. The flowers are photo printed on organza and taken directly from a scan of a watercolor drawing in her sketchbook. The music is a printed collage of the pieces I learned to play on her piano as a child. The edging is done with chennille yarn.

I also started back to work on a piece that’s been sitting quietly waiting for me for way too long:

I asked several friends what they saw when they looked at the above piece, flower stalks or seaweed. The unamimous answer was seaweed, which tells me I have a lot of work to do on this piece yet. Yes, it is intended to be flowers when it’s finished.

This week also brought several surprise presents in the mail. One of which I have taken a picture of. My Secret Quilter from the MQR forum sent me this surprise package:

Aren’t the colors in those batiks absolutely wonderful? And the tumbling block will hang in my studio window. I need to do a special chain for it to hang from, something in silver and beading. And the card, well, it contained another tease about who my Secret Quilter is…….and I’m still on the case trying to solve the clues. LOL

Tomorrow I’ll take pictures of the wonderful hand-made jewelry that came in today’s mail! And to everyone who called, or e-mailed or stopped by today (or yesterday now as it’s after midnight) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Each and every one of you made it a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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