It’s DONE!

The quilt is done and my customer has picked it up. She loved it! Thought I’d show the overall view and some detail shots to you now: (pics are clickable for larger view)

Overall view:

Various detail shots:

This quilt was done entirely with rulers for the spines of the feathers and all feathers done freehand. In the process I used a 3-1/2″ circle ruler, my J-L’s favorite for ditch work, Linda Mae’s Rays for the arcs, French Curve for the large setting triangle main spine, and my heart ruler. No stenciles, no marking (except 1/4″ outer edge for orientation), rulers and painters tape and thread.

I enjoyed working on this, I love designing custom work, I am more than ready for an edge to edge or overall quilt.

10 thoughts on “It’s DONE!

  1. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing the tools you did and did NOT use. Have you thought about drawing the line and accepting ONLY custom jobs, or do you like the relaxation of an E to E occasionally?

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