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Morning View

Every morning now I take my coffee into my studio, turn on the computer, and look out the door. I didn’t do this before I had a door to look out, but this has quickly become one of my favorite views.

This is what I see in the mornings:

This morning, I spied a visitor under a tree.

He officially belongs to the neighbors, but he has spent so much time here over the last couple years that he even comes to the name I have given him. This spring he spent days helping me plant the garden!

What else has inspired me this morning? Carolina Blue skies and fall leaves. Same window, just raising my head to look up.

Once the roof goes on the deck, I’ll lose that view looking up. Unless of course I go out the door with my morning coffee!!! Wonder how long it will take my visitor to claim that deck then? He’s already claimed my front porch as his, much to the irritation of my dogs inside the house! And I swear he smiles through the window at them!

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