First full day of Fall 2008

Today is the first full day of Fall 2008! Fall is probably my favorite season of the year, always has been. But then since it’s the first season I ever knew!

This morning I decided to take a walk around the property and take my camera with me. Three of the five furkids came along for the walk….or for their own interpretation of it.

So, come along on my walk with me:

A few tiny flowers left

Fungus growing everywhere

The Dogwood is starting to turn

Isn’t this fungus interesting, probably not a good sign for the tree, but great texture

This one had tiny little hairs on the one edge of it?

Of course the boys thought they heard a squirrel

And Brandi was completely alert, so there probably was one.

But soon enough they were ready to come in and my camera card was full of images. Oh the other 2, one was snoozing inside and the other wouldn’t stay still long enough to take a picture.

Why do I take these pictures on my walks. One because I can, LOL….but mostly because they inspire me. I often find myself going back through my computer looking at my images and deciding what visual I want to work with. Or using parts of several images to create a new composition. And lately I’ve been playing with manipulating photos for photo transfers.

What do you do to capture the moments to use later in your art? Do you take pictures, sketch, or do you have one of those enviable memories that can see things clearly decades later?

3 thoughts on “First full day of Fall 2008

  1. Thanks for sharing your walk and your cutie pies!

    Yes, I take pics of nature things all the time too. Flowers, trees, fungus, bugs, leaves, wood, you name it, I probably take pics of it. Now, if I would just DO something with this pics… LOL

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