I know where I’m headed with this painting now. I have heard it said to paint what you know. Although I had originally thought this would be a tropical painting, I do not know the tropics. What I do know is the Great Lakes, in specific Lake Erie. I grew up there, it’s cold there, the water is cold, the rocks on the shore are amazing, especially in winter when the ice dunes form.

So I pulled out photo’s I took on an early spring trip back home a while ago, and used them for reference. Is this going to be a specific place back home, no, but it’s starting to remind me of home.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few paintbrushes to clean up and then I think I need a cup of Red Rose tea….another memory of home.

7 thoughts on “Unstuck!

  1. Judy the rocks were a great addition to the painting. I, too, am eager to see the finished painting. Looks great!

  2. Love, love the rocks, looks like you can sit on one of them and watch the horizon for ages. This painting gives off such a serene feeling.

    I LOVE seeing your growth with your paintings.

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