Oops there goes another power tool!

We’ve been busy lately, outside. Trying to put in a walkway to the studio. It’s coming along nicely….okay, it hasn’t progressed at all in the last two days, but before that we got quite a ways on it:

This was after one of the several rains we got last week right after we started it. The rock pile has been there for quite a while now. We’re using it to do our landscaping edgework with. The pile of crusher run, just a mere 3 tons, of which DH says we may not have enough to fill the walkway….oh, and we’re doing this by hand, one shovel at a time!

Then tonight I decided, since we’re predicted to have rains again tomorrow, that I’d mow the lawn. All goes well with the mower, no more shooting flames out the exhaust, it’s all fixed. And since I’m mowing, and it’s not too hot out, and there’s a nice breeze, I decide to trim as well. Get out MY (yes, my) weed-whacker…not DH’s big gas powered one that is too heavy for me, but my little rechargeable one that I so love. And I start to trim…………. until I hear a funny noise………the cap that holds the string in just flew off the bottom of the trimmer. One of the two plastic clasps that hold it in place is nowhere to be found and I’ve got string unwound everywhere!
Yep, I killed another power tool…..but at least this one is at the end of the season. Options are to either trim the acre (yep, acre) with the little hand held, two bladed trimmer….or see if I can find another battery rechargeable this week.

At least it’s the end of the season! I should be able to get a good deal!!! LOL
Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Oops there goes another power tool!

  1. This really tickles me ! And yes, you will definitely get a good deal …… just ask for the “girly” weed whacker! LMAO

    I love what you are doing down there … and your pics are self explanatory.

    Hugs to you, my friend

  2. I hate it when that happens… LOL And I have to say, the garden looks way cool….. and that capper thing on your rail that looks like it could possibly light up… WAY cool!! OK… maybe I have too much time on my hands today 😉

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