Evening Walk

Yesterday evening, after I finished working on the quilt on the machine, I started what I hope will become a more steady habit.  An evening walk.   Remember the days when a walk around the neighborhood in the evening was the norm, not the rare?

So, just before dusk, I put a lead on Little Bear’s harness, grabbed my camera and we set off.  Little Bear loves his walks, the first thing you have to do is allow him a few minutes to get over the excitement.  This was at the beginning of our walk where he was just straining to see what was coming up next (since it was a cat, he was extremely curious but we kept our distance)

As we headed up the road, the vines and growth is still rapid, no hint of fall in the greenery yet:

I love the needles on these trees.  They’re so long, and dusty looking, they look soft, but if I could climb that high, I somehow doubt I’d find them soft.

And as we came to the end of our walk, with our driveway just off to the right, this was the scene at the end of the road.

Can you see the quarter moon?  It was aligned perfectly over the trees at the end of the road, and shining pure white in the dusky sky.

Thanks for coming on my walk with me!

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