September 1

September first, Labor Day here in the U.S. As I sit here having lunch on my back deck and enjoying the view…

I’m also enjoying the quiet and contemplating. Contemplating balance. Why balance, my mind is starting to think of the Autumnal Equinox, September 22, when for that brief moment in time, that only happens twice a year, light and dark are balanced.

I am listening to the trees today, on this rare afternoon off, and enjoying the sound of the leaves swishing in the breeze. Have you listened to the trees lately? Soon there will be no leaves on the trees, they’ll be crunching on the ground as we walk. Followed by long nights and warm fireplaces.

But for a brief moment in time, on September 22nd, light and dark will be in balance. In 2006 I did a small journal quilt on the subject of balance:

When I did this piece, I deliberately chose to use opposites on the color wheel (yellow and purple), and to use the same volume of each, and to use opposite shapes (circle and square). At the time I felt the piece needed the set of scales to say “Balance”….these days I wonder, do I need to be so deliberate? Can subtly work equally as well to convey the message?  Ponderings on this September first, Labor Day.

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