My new bestest friend!

Remember when we were children and the big thing was your “bestest” friend. Not just a best friend, but a BEST best friend? LOL

Today, in my studio, I have a new “bestest friend”. And it only cost me $2.62 plus gas into town…..and a couple hours searching here for one.

Meet my new “bestest” friend:

And why is this my new “bestest” friend?


That little hole has a set screw in it. And it’s is neither the 1.5mm, nor the 2.0 mm size that came with the tools when I got my machine!

And you see, when tensioner parts fall out as you’re quilting, well, you need to put in a new tensioner:

And when you are done, you are left with something like this:

Notice they are in ORDER, so if something comes apart on the replacement tensioner, I’ll know what order the parts go back together in. Yes, after all these years I have learned a little something.

And tomorrow I’ll be ordering a new spare tensioner just in case……………..

Now, back to quilting, a little later than expected, but better late than never!

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