Holiday lap quilt

The fabrics:

the plan:

the blocks:

The rows are all sewn. Next step is to put the rows together, then add the borders and decide on the quilting pattern. I’m not sure yet exactly what size this will be, the center is about 50 x 65, give or take an inch or so. Possibly 4″ borders, possibly 6″ borders. It just depends on what size looks best with the size/pattern of the blocks.

I’ve got another one of these started in a scrappy non-planned fabric way. Interesting the difference between the planned/controlled color placement and the scrappy one….and I love both! I’m thinking maybe on the scrappy one I’ll do pieced borders? Just a thought, but first I have to find actual yardage of the fabric line. I’m using charm packs to piece it and it’s a line from last year. And of course until I decide the center is large enough, I don’t even know how much border fabric I might need. Did I mention the scrappy one is non-planned?

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